Allay the fear

                 Allay the fear

      Adulation joy and many cheers

      Not like in those adolescent years

      Standing in the shadows full of fear

      Listen to the children shout and jeer.

      Little did I know the reason why

      Hidden there all silently and shy

      Words were never there for me to say

      How I wished to mingle and to play.

      Isolated in among the crowd

      Crying tears inwardly I bowed

      In the photograph I did not seem

      Apart from any other human being.

      In music I found I could compete

      In my head I found the perfect beat

      A teacher who sat and took the time

      Said that being different is not a crime.

      Remember you are special in many ways

      Even in a world that’s cold and grey

      Stick around. I’m sure that you will find

      People are not intentionally unkind.

          © (

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