Changing Christmas time 

The time has past for Halloween 

Ghouls and ghosts have left the scene

Now it’s Ho Ho Santa time

Christmas cheer and jingle rhyme.

Snuggled up into their beds

Perfect children covered heads

Elves in Lapland very busy

Parents buying presents dizzy.

Excitement laughter fills the air

Fairy lights the festive fair

Jack Frost painted window Pane

Snow has now replaced the rain.

Feelings of tremendous joy

For every little girl and boy

A family time without a care

Smiling children everywhere.

But wait what is that awful sound

Buttons clicking fingers pound 

Mobile texting what’s app now

Replace the face to face powwow.

No more playing in the streets

Sharing toys and eating sweets

Dolls, guns and fairy tales

Childhood dreams. That ship has sailed.

Life controlled by our devices

Santa, Noel no more rejoices

Computer gadgets and TV

Replace the lit up Christmas tree.

Silence in the air right now

Money now the sacred cow

Lost in our pursuit of gold

Family values out in the cold.

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