Richard rabbit of Rhydale

Richard rabbit of Rhydale

Richard rabbit rushed. He had heard how Howard hedgehog had hurried hopefully across a concrete compound encountering enormous engines succinctly suspended skywards. Nostrils twitching. Nauseous gasses gushing gasping grasping.
Henrietta hare had heard Richard reciting recently rhymes relating to Rhydale.

“green grasses grow by furrowed fields
friendly farmers formed friendships with common creatures
Children chased cautiously through thistle covered hills
While daisies danced with daffodils.”

Wallace worm wriggled, wound. Wearily, wondered why there was no sky. The earth was dry. He had to die.
Gertie goat grazing greedily on ever decreasing grasses, ghostly gaunt.
Bones buried in barren burrows portrayed previous portals once positioned perfectly by farmer Fred’s carrot patch. Blue birds bathed in baths sprinkled with sparkling sunlight. Hedgehogs haunting hedgerows. A momentary memory.

J. Poet7 ( )

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