That Wooden Spoon.

Pipe down up there I heard her say, Get off your arse go out to play.

They’re up there jumping on the bed, Screaming shouting wrecking my head.

If I have to ask you one more time I’ll be up them stairs commit a crime.

Down they came with a skip and hop, Out the door didn’t wait to stop.

That wooden spoon not far behind, You must be cruel to be kind.

That was back in the dark ages, When children read from books with pages.

Climbing trees, bloodied knees, Greasy chips and mushy peas.

Playing games out in the street, Listening to music with a beat.

So quickly it all has changed, Everything’s been rearranged.

Children’s brains to PCs wired, Thinking muscles long retired.

Hours spent in isolation, Creating now a robot nation.

Forgotten how to socialise, extreme to mention exercise.

Where real friends no longer call, No running around no playing ball.

We’ve lost the act of sympathy, honour, love or empathy.

Thus our world is run by fools, who govern now by their own rules.

Our apathy has led us here, to a place indeed we all should fear.

JPoet7 ( )

2 thoughts on “That Wooden Spoon.

  1. Weapon of correction
    Once produced
    One only had to be
    Diligent with its use
    Even in circumstances where
    Nearly always other
    Siblings were
    Prepared to point fingers at each
    Other, then the row could
    Open into organised chaos
    Now it has gone that the shoe is on the other foot.


  2. I really connect with this one – a generation thing I suppose – rich with nostalgia and memories, and sadness for what today’s generation is missing out on. For all the wooden spoons and canes, I’m glad I was a child then and not now.

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