Springtime in Rhydale

An ongoing story.

Springtime in Rhydale

Henrietta hedgehog hesitated having left her leafy hideaway. TheGround was wet and sluggishly slow, the thought of slugs suddenly made her hungry. She stretched her spiny body while sniffing the evening air.

Danny Dormouse dropped daintily from a dry drain. Having hibernated through the long winter it was time once more to wage war with the world. Something seemed different. No frightening familiar footsteps, foul fumes from four wheeled drives, people pounding pavements. Had he happened on a holiday. Still slightly sleepy, stealthily stepping onto a silent street searching for some Spring berries. He looked forward to a new dawn.

Sheila and Sam Sheep sheltered in a shed snugly shielded from the early morning cold as it had been a nippy night. Sheeran and Shore their recently born twins were shivering and needed nourishment. Spring sunshine soon shifted frost from fields revealing glorious green grass. Thinking it was time to test the little lamb’s limbs they shifted sheepishly from the shadows.

Flash flooding had filled fallow fields in February. Fred Fielding feared for his farm as Con Connors construction began building Concrete compounds creeping closer, consuming the countryside.

Sebastián a striped spider secretly scouted cellars, successfully securing safe situations where he could weave webs within warm walls. He hated the hedgerows. He had slipped silllily into a shoebox sent from South America which had recently arrived in Rhydale.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )

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