In idled isolation

Westerlies whipped wildly across the garden shed

I peeked out through the curtains ran straight back to my bed.

For in it I felt comfort beneath the eiderdown

In a state of isolation wrapped up In my nightgown.

It could become a habit

So easily I know

Kilos on the weighing scales

Quickly begin to show.

I must now find a project

Something I really like

Like meditation, yoga

Or an exercise bike.

But there always is tomorrow

So today I’ll treat myself

Leave cleaning for another day

Let the dust stay on the shelf.

JPOET7 ( )

One thought on “In idled isolation

  1. At 05:15 in the morning with nothing else to do
    I rattled off my poem as is my want to do
    A poem about the elements not about rabbit stew
    Just to satisfy the need to write a poem for you
    So I have now composed my missive exorcised this ghost
    Now it’s time to wordpress it hit the send button and post.

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