For years we gazed into the stars

Through a glass partition
I watched your last breath fade
I felt a need to scream aloud
In truth I was afraid.

A loss I feel within my heart
Love carried deep inside
you wouldn’t like to see me sad
So silent tears I cried.

I wanted so to hug you
to hold you by the hand
To whisper that I love you
But I know you understand.

JPOET7 ( )

In thoughts we will be with you

I do not know you

yet I feel your pain

a piece of you now taken

torn from a daisy chain.

Dreams taken from the future

tales of pastimes dashed

love that was to last forever

Extinguished in a flash.

In total isolation

In solitary grief

In thoughts we will be with you

If that’s some small relief.

JPOET7 ( )

In idled isolation

Westerlies whipped wildly across the garden shed

I peeked out through the curtains ran straight back to my bed.

For in it I felt comfort beneath the eiderdown

In a state of isolation wrapped up In my nightgown.

It could become a habit

So easily I know

Kilos on the weighing scales

Quickly begin to show.

I must now find a project

Something I really like

Like meditation, yoga

Or an exercise bike.

But there always is tomorrow

So today I’ll treat myself

Leave cleaning for another day

Let the dust stay on the shelf.

JPOET7 ( )

Don’t shout back in anger :

There are people all around

who think they are the best

gloat about their triumphs

beat proudly on their chest.

Shout loudly from the rafters

just to hide their failures

constantly complaining

that others are to blame.

Choices made in anger

cannot be exchanged

think about the future

life can be rearranged.

JPOET7 ( )

Nightmares awakened

The door stood ajar

dust speckles sparkled

Screams shattered

shadows shivered

Deceased devils

darted darkly

Zombies unzipped

Buried bones

Tombstones tumbled

Scared senseless

Daybreak dawned

Rapid realization

Awareness awakened.

JPOET7 ( )

It’s our choice

I like a roast beef sandwich

Not everyone’s cup of tea

For lettuce, beans, legumes

Are not enough for me.

Life is just that simple

We need not go to war

Living on this planet

Should not be such a chore.

So let us all agree to differ

Have friendly conversations

There’s room for such


In these great united Nations.

JPOET7 ( )

Where greed and darkness grows

The sea waved, wind whispered

Bees brought golden honey

While moguls in pinstriped suits

Made lots and lots of money.

Birds sang sweetest symphony

Butterflies brought beauty

Nurses, doctors, frontline staff

Just came and did their duty.

Correction it is needed

To heal this nation’s woes

For nature nurtures nothing

Where greed or darkness grows.

JPOET7 ( )

Whilst looking out the window

I opened up the window

Heard the sweetest sound

Songbirds in the morning

No one else around.

Listened for a moment

Inhaled the scented air

Nature in its glory

A wonderful affair.

High up in the treetop

A magpie builds her nest

Signs that life continues

As we slay the beast possessed.

JPOET7 ( )