Glory at this beauty made

Walk softly fear of fairies wake
A moment in their footsteps take
Silence in this lichen land
In wonderment of nature stand .

Lost a moment’s solitude
Scent an air of life imbued
A canopy of rustic shade
Glory at this beauty made.

A thousand years of history
Within a single tree
Let’s marvel at its chemistry
Walk on, let it be.

Lough Errit walk

Let the hedgerows prosper

Let the hedgerows prosper

Wild grasses weave, softly sway
Nature’s children come out to play
Brighten up the dullest Day
In that essential-mindful way.

A beauty that we must display
Dash that driveway to decay
Create a space-a habitat
Wipe our feet on a welcome mat.

Open our eyes it’s plain to see
That cutting down a living tree
Burning forests-killing bees
Will not set us free.

Confine us to a concrete hell
Underneath a corporate spell
Where grey suits mine a money well
Swiss accounts, pockets swell.

Let our countryside survive
Let our hedgerows thrive
Keep that sparkle in our eyes
Turn that corner-it will surprise.

Jpoet7 ( )

Don’t blot it out

History lies beneath our feet

peel it back – such a treat

bog lands, moors, highlands all

stories that in truth enthral.

There are those who do not care

no respect for values – rare

concrete jungles, carbon copies

felling trees – killing poppies.

Our future lies within the past

lessons learned forgotten fast

take a moment, think about

nature’s beauty – don’t blot it out.

Jpoet7 ( #dolan317 )