Living in the zone

Living in the zone

Playing Tarzan / climbing trees tumbling / falling / bloodied knees stinging nettles / thorns / thistles / jumping / kicking / blowing whistles on happy streets / spinning tops / cries of laughter / never stops / from early morning ‘till sunset falls / Kicking footballs / vaulting walls / snitching apples / jumpers full / Life was lively / never dull. Now our children / never seen / in the gardens / on the green / locked now into / cyber space / of fun and games / there is no trace / who are we to criticise / maybe we were not so wise / life was then so innocent / of evil doings ignorant / no conversations at a dance / book appointments in advance / traditions trampled / much is lost / in future we may count the cost.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

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