Discard the role of the parasite

Discard the role of the parasite

Remembering those days of Spring
When we heard a robin sing
Time to rise – meet the day
Up – out without delay.

There were always things to do
To the park – visit the Zoo
Have a picnic by the beach
Now it all seems out of reach.

Suddenly our world has changed
Our whole mindset rearranged
No more hugging or embracing
Our facial masks – now encasing.

Time has come to sit and listen
How our rivers – guffaw – glisten
Whispering’s high in the trees
Humble humming bumble bees.

For nature nurture’s life – renewed
A lesson which we should include
As we step into the light
Discard the role of the parasite.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

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