Methinks it’s not for me

Methinks it’s not for me

My body waxed then it waned
I wish it was the latter
But lockdown has enlarged my girth
Now I’m just a little fatter.

There was a time when I was slim
It was not that long ago
But life it took a different turn
I have no place to go.

My mind became a prisoner
Of a virus on parade
That visit to the Algarve
Cancelled all the plans I made.

To inject a little happiness
Into my tiresome days
I bought myself a jigsaw
My spirit to upraise.

Merry it did not make me
In fact I got frustrated
Why had I purchased something
That was so complicated.

stretch my legs off of the couch
That creaking aching feeling
I make it to a mirror
A vision unappealing.

Get up, get out, get moving
Before I vegetate
Or maybe do some yoga
To straighten up my gait.

In my mind I tried it
Veggie shakes and herbal tea
I’ll wait until tomorrow
Methinks it’s not for me.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

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