We all sat down by candlelight
it was a cold December’s eve
embers burning brightly
into a starlit night.

Holly plucked from hedgerows
Adorning rafters high
a settle bed with an overcoat
where expectant children lie.

Shadows stretching eerily
On a chalk stone wall flicker
Stories by a seanachaí
Recounting fairy tales.

A stranger plays a fiddle
An old familiar tune
Porter, poitín, whiskey
Father played the spoons.

Thus it was in bygone days
A stable door half open
passers by were welcome
To rest their weary bones.

Now locks are all aplenty
Blinds tightly closed
A neighbourhood in hiding
For fear of being exposed.

[ seanachaí – an Irish storyteller ]

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

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