Me my pillow and Netflix

Me my pillow and Netflix

Woke one day couldn’t see my toes should have been beneath my nose
But as I looked into the mirror
It just became a little clearer.

When I say a little – I mean a lot
For my belly – has just gone to pot
Did it just happen overnight
Or could it be my appetite.

For lockdown has me driven to
Bottled wine – Vindaloo
After which it’s to the couch
So much for my rotund pouch.

I know – I’ll do some exercise
Stretch out biceps, buttocks, thighs
Train to run a marathon
My mind just rambles on and on.

Until it comes to a sudden stop
Once again to the couch I hop
Beer, popcorn, pick-a-mix
Me my pillow and Netflix.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

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