International bullying day

The cowardly bully.

There are people in the wold today
Who comment in a hurtful way
Smashing someone’s confidence
Shy and bashful – consequence.

Stepping on a person’s smile
Spreading lies obnoxious bile
Evil minded – prey handpicked
Ignoring damage they inflict.

Cowardly bullies can’t abide
Leave no room for them to hide
This world will be a better place
If they disappear without a trace.

J. Poet 7 ( )

2 thoughts on “International bullying day

  1. Joe – that’s so well written. You have a way of hitting the nail on the head, if you will excuse an over used phrase. Bullying has always been with us, but it seems to be endemic now, especially with the growth of social media. I hope you are keeping well.

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