My faithful friend

My faithful friend :

The door stood ajar.
She couldn’t have gone far I thought.
The paw prints in the snow were fresh. I put on my coat, scarf and gloves, stepped out into the air, bracing myself against the sudden cold. Trembling at the thought of my little baby out there lost, alone. I followed the tracks which now were being lost in the mix of the traffic. I walked aimlessly to and fro, left then right. The snow began to fall. Surrounded on all sides by screaming, laughing children making large snowmen, snow angels and partaking in snowball fights unaware of my troubles. The more it snowed, the farther I walked from home the more I realized sadly it was time to head back. Tears began to fall hidden by the falling snow. I arrived back at the house and was greeted by that familiar wagging tail and frenzied yelps of joy. It seems Holly had unlike me seen how cold it was outside and doubled back to the comfort of the fire.

Jpoet7 ( )

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