My New Year’s Resolution

My New Years resolution.

I feel like old Saint Nicholas
In fact I look ridiculous
I’ve eaten turkey, ham and cake
Never stopped for goodness sake.

Put on my shirt the buttons popped
Sat on the couch my backbone locked
It must have been that last mince pie
My jeans won’t go beyond my thigh.

I suppose to you it’s no surprise
For I haven’t done much exercise
For Twenty Three a new regime
I’ll start my diet-it’s just a dream.

Jpoet7 ( )

One thought on “My New Year’s Resolution

  1. This one really made me smile. Perfect description of the way one feels at this time of over-indulgence. Then there’s the diet of course, that’s the hard bit!! I’m rather late reading this, I haven’t been very active on the blog site for some time now – just hard to keep it up!


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