Will we

Will our lives really change

Will this virus rearrange

Will we leave our greed behind

Will we a love of nature find

Will we no more our forests burn

Will we important lessons learn

Will we recognise our faults

Will we open up those vaults

Will we feed the hungry, poor

Will we ditch our life grandeur

Will common sense now prevail

Will we live to tell the tale.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )

Victims of viral vileness

A somber silence,

streets stripped,

Pedestrians pitter patter postponed,

Pigeons perched peering pointlessly

for discarded doughnuts,

Shops shuttered shackled,

Planes parked on redundant runways

Impatient passengers pointing pointlessly,

Speakers sounding

Safety sirens

Victims of viral vileness.

Friendly faces forgo fears

Common courtesy reappears,

Respect restored,

Polite people populate.

Lessons learned.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )

China sneezes

I saw you sneeze into the breeze

While walking up the road

Your hand outstretched to greet me

To spread your viral load.

How quickly have our customs changed

Through isolated cases

Where once we gathered merrily

In pubs and sheltered places.

Our hospitals are bulging

Though this is nothing new

Our government is all at sea

Have they got a clue.

But let us all remember

That we live a certain way

And history it has shown us

That tomorrow’s just another day.

J.POET7 ( @wordverse.me )

Take a step into kindness

Step into a kindness world

Like sails into a wind unfurled

Surfing on a bivouac of life

Full of sadness, hardship, strife.

Leave only a footprint of joy

Pleasure in your heart employ

Reach out with a helping hand

Give of oneself without demand.

A simple word so softly spoken

May touch a heart hurting broken

So let us start this brand new day

Spreading joy upon the way.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )

Those teenage years

It’s difficult I know to see

When you’re only turning three

That life though difficult at times

Is not just filled by nursery rhymes.

Then as time goes quickly by

Sometimes laughter sometimes sigh

Growing through those teenage years

Full of self doubt and self fears.

But as I reach my senior years

I wonder at those early fears

For all those worries now have passed

And I can be at peace at last.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )

For the love of books

For the love of books :

The moment I opened up the page

I entered the mind of a sage

Dipped into another world

As hidden pages silently unfurled.

Edges worn from strangers touch

About myself I learned so much

A library where people sit

Full of horror, romance, wit.

That special scent of leather bound

Through letters mysteries are found.

Dust it glitters like sparkling stars

Unlock my mind’s dark

prison bars.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )

Light a candle to the past

I don’t see hatred in their eyes

Despite their desperate inward cries

For tortured family and friends

Those constant tears that never end.

Our visions now of desperation

Ghettos born of segregation

Honour in their misery

A Holocaust for all to see.

Now that many years have passed

Here am I still stood aghast

At racial hatred in our midst

Our inability to co exist.

Time has come to take a stand

Reach out with a loving hand

Open up our eyes to see

That strength is gained from unity.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )

Let kindness be your legacy

I see your grey eyes, drifting

far away shadows, shifting

Into a darkness no one knows

Behind that curtain nothing shows.

In a play of silent ghosts

Your absent smile reflects the most

Staring out into the distance

Not knowing showing no resistance.

Let me believe that you can hear

When I whisper in your ear

Your love is there for all to see

Let Kindness be your legacy.

JPOET7 ( @wordverse.me )