Hugs matter

◦ Hugs matter-acrostically

◦ However we feel

◦ Under any circumstances

◦ Generosity gladdens

◦ Sending warm embraces.

◦ Melting worries

◦ Averting poison arrows

◦ Throwing lifelines

◦ Taking time to love

◦ Easing pain

◦ Reasons to hug.

We don’t know who’s there

We don’t know who’s there
Pass a smile-show you care
Do not stop-stare
In your heart you know
It isn’t fair.
Send a message of
Abandon all this sadness.
Face the world with gladness
Fill your day with happiness
In your heart-embrace-caress
We don’t know whose there.

Jpoet7 ( )



Seasons change I rearrange pictures on my wall
Summer sunshine, golden sands
replaced by Autumn fall.

A cherry blossom petal drops
Pink perfect-pirouette
Reflections of your beauty
A mindful silhouette.

Silver frosts crisp-clear
Etched on window glass
In my mind a snapshot
Never forgotten-gone-alas.

Jpoet7 ( )