A little kindness

A little kindness

Westerly winds whip wildly
Children school ward bound
Some cheerful others less so
Bent upon their way.

Some splash in muddy puddles
Skip happily, full of joy
While others walk with hunger
We should wonder why.

In this world of plenty
Are we not ashamed
Pointing fingers, shaking heads
We’re not the one to blame.

Silently without a noise
Food appears, clothes, toys
Presents placed beneath a tree
Spreading goodness silently.
Jpoet7 ( wordverse.me )

Facebook friendship remembered (in memory of Roy Turner)

Facebook friendships remembered

Friendships come in many ways
In these social contact days
Although we may never meet
Pass each other in the street.

We feel a camaraderie
For one we may never see
Feel a certain familiarity
Although that could hardly be.

We know not who we’re speaking to
Or if it’s really real
But then if if someone passes
That inner sadness feel.

They touch us with their beauty
In picture, word or story
Bring nature to our daily lives
Sunset, sunrise, glory.

There’s left behind a legacy
A story has been told
A tune sung so melodiously
A memory leafed with gold.

Jpoet7 ( wordverse.me )

Entertain silence


S-ometimes we need peace.

I-nside our crowded world

L-eave noise outside

E-mbrace the space within

N-egate the negative

C-hannel the positive

E-ntertain silence.

Jpoet7 ( wordverse.me )

Glory at this beauty made

Walk softly fear of fairies wake
A moment in their footsteps take
Silence in this lichen land
In wonderment of nature stand .

Lost a moment’s solitude
Scent an air of life imbued
A canopy of rustic shade
Glory at this beauty made.

A thousand years of history
Within a single tree
Let’s marvel at its chemistry
Walk on, let it be.

Lough Errit walk

A Royal corgi

A Royal corgi

With the greatest respect to a special Lady.

Her corgis have lost a friend
At her side so loyal
It did not matter to them
That She was a Regal Royal.

I’m sure they’ll miss her terribly
While awaiting her appearance
Shedding now a silent tear
Their grief so incoherent.

We see a hearse move slowly
Through silent solemn streets
I’m sure they’ll also mourn her
As at rest She lies in peace.

Jpoet7 ( wordverse.me )

Silence now-sirens stilled

Silence now-sirens stilled

Now once more
those battle cries
Terror tremors
Fill the skies.
Scattered remnants
Lunchtime treats
Upturned tables
Empty seats.
Children scream
They know not why
Their games played out
No sad goodbye.

Jpoet7 ( wordverse.me )

A cold new world

A cold new world

Where are the screams now
Behind computer screens
Delivered by an internet
Cowardly and obscene.

In a world of nobodies
No humans just androids
Drawn into an argument
Sucked into a void.

Strangled by a stranger
Wrecking self esteem
I doubt they ever worry
If they never hear your scream.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )