My mind has gone out for a walk

My mind has gone out for a walk.

Many years have passed me by
So distant I can’t remember-why
My mind has gone out for a walk
Sit beside me-hear you talk.

Muffled sounds-distant rumbling
Perfect world-spiralling-tumbling
Bid farewell-tender kiss
Sitting staring into an abyss.

Behind those vacant eyes there lies
A world of joy-bright blue skies
Next time you whisper I love you
Always remember I love you too.


War crimes once again committed

War Crimes once again committed:

Orphans through atrocities
Too traumatised for tears
Shelter from an evil war
Fear echos in their ears.

Life changed within a moment
As they played party games
The air suddenly erupted
Buildings burning-flashing flames.

Torn now from their families
Numbed by what they’ve seen
Senses now surrounded
By inhumanities.

War crimes once again committed
Children forced into migration
By a warlord’s ego mission
Upon a peaceful nation.

Jpoet7 ( )

Re posting on World Ocean Day.

Lament the cry of the orca whale.

Let us all lament
a creaking timber sound
Echoes of the forest
now no longer found
Death knell of Blue oceans
humble bumble bees
In the name of progress
And lumber industries.
Plastic, paints and toxins
Killing Orca whales
Pythons, lizards, Pangolins
Hunted for their scales
Melting of our glaciers
Due to global warming
Ignore this at your peril
It may be our final warning.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Relative to where one sits

Relative to where one sits.

Await the post with palpitations
Life’s overflowing aggravations
Envelopes with window panes
Blood pressure rising in your veins.

Little things, some may think
Others push beyond the brink
How swiftly joy to sorrow flits
Relative to where one sits.

Breathe once more-a short reprieve
A worried brow upon a sleeve
Overdrawn a statement reads
Not knowing where the future leads.

Somewhere around a corner lies
Future bright before your eyes
Be mindful of your anxiety
There’s beauty in this world to see.

Jpoet7 ( ) #doolan317

Mindful of your presence

Mindful of your presence.

Nature nurtures inner peace
Summer skies-cover fleece
Warm feelings-soothing soul
Burning bright-let’s all enrol
Into a world of harmony

Fighting fears-salty tears
Birdsong sweetly soothing fears
Whistling wind-leafy trees
In a land of honey.

Suddenly life so calm
To the soul a healing balm
Nagging doubts quickly quell
If only for a moment dwell
Mindful of your presence.

Jpoet7 ( )

Chromosomes in a single seed

Chromosomes in a single seed.

In a fairytale world
Where life unfurled
A dice rolled.
Magic moments unfold.
Some find a crock of gold.
Others left out in the cold.
I wonder who decides that fate
A pauper or a king create.
Or is it just a random deed
Chromosomes in a single seed.
If only life had rolled a double
We may not be in so much trouble.

Jpoet7 ( )