Footprints in the sand.


Walk slowly through the wilderness
Clear your mind of worry, stress
Inhale all beauty, hidden charm
Be kind, step lightly do not harm.

Be mindful of all who live there
Flora, fauna who share the air
River passing, songbird sounds
Echoes on the soul rebounds.

For we are only passing through
One day we’ll bid you all adieu
Leave our footprint in the sand
Knowing we gave a helping hand.

J. Poet 7 ( )

When progress killed the countryside

Sadness gripped the countryside
A community and village died
The throbbing heart of Ireland
Its empty ruins are all that stand.

It’s a pity there is no one here
To see beauty in this biosphere
For nature takes its normal course
To scent the Lilly and the gorse.

Now in fields where children played
Lovers kissed, plans were made
Shattered dreams, emigration
Complete this countryside castration.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Being different is Beautiful.

For you the stars come out at night
The morning sun is shining bright
Your loving nature warm embrace
That puts a smile upon my face.

Your very being is what I live for
The whispers, mumbles that I abhor
Do you feel those arrows thrown
That pierce and cut me to the bone.

At times being different pays a price
For ignorance is not so nice.
Being deaf, blind, special needs
There is no reason not to succeed.

J. Poet 7 ( )

So much hatred in this world.

Can we stand by, watch in silence
In a world so full of violence
Where innocents can’t go to pray
Or live their lives in their own way.

Their hatred like a cancerous cyst
Bringing fear into our midst
Where politics has lost its way
Casting long shadows on the day.

Is there an answer to this decay
Or are we nearing our doomsday
Why can’t we learn from history
And give us back our liberty.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Hope it springs eternal

Over she turned unable to sleep
into her body that pain did creep
Ready to grip the energy drain
and begin the cycle once again.

Up next morning tired and worn
Meets the day, smile not scorn
For even in her darkest hour
She reached into her inner power.

Bloodshot eyes a muddled brain
Showing signs of stress and strain
Looks to the future with faith and drive
With eternal hope that she’ll survive.

J. Poet 7. ( )

Highlight our undoubted shame

Tucked beneath my blankets warm
Wind roared in the raging storm.
People shelter in the park
Shadows shivering shaking stark.

In Store doorways, sleeping bags,
Cardboard boxes, dogs and rags
Cover those without a name
Highlight our undoubted shame.

In this world of rich and poor
Make some plans just to ensure
No matter what the circumstance
That precious life we do enhance.

J. Poet 7 ( )

A happy heart will always gain

Inhale the goodness that abounds
See all the beauty that surrounds
Seize the positive in your mind
Then Peace and comfort you will find.

Ignore those who put you down
Who travel with eternal frown
Rise above their jealousy
Be the best that you can be.

Show kindness to the passer by
Speak soft, look on with gentle eye
Content yourself do not complain
A happy heart will always gain.

J.Poet 7 ( )

Nature’s model

Nature’s model

I cannot wait to take a walk

Inhale the morning air

Take a snapshot of my thoughts

And then with you I’ll share.

In the treetops songbird sounds

Echo beauty that surrounds

Capture colour, palette pour

Like an operatic score.

Gentle whisper, lilting leaves

Creates a softness in the breeze

Opens senses, pleasant phases

Nature’s model that amazes.

J.poet 7 ( )

Memories in a garden sold

I see her now, perfect style
Forever on her lips a welcome smile
Laughter in those sparkling eyes
Never showing envy or despise.

A listening ear to neighbours woes
An open door that never closed
Calm and settled under pressure
Memories I’ll always treasure.

A house, a home, a story tell
Laughter echoes within its shell
Roses bow in reverence
To her gracious excellence.

J. Poet 7 ( )