All that tension bottled up.

That party over Christmas time

Joviality jingles rhyme

Laughter at the dinner table

Families, that friendship stable.

As the evening enters night

It’s then that tensions come to light

True colours quickly are revealed

New Years relations quickly sealed.

Oh that it should not be so

That our lives could be as white as snow

Where we could live in harmony

CoExist in peace, eternally.

JPOET7 ( )

That Gentle touch

Happy new year

Light a light on loneliness

Endless hours of emptiness

Footholds into friendship find

Commit yourself to being kind.

Sounds so simple, selflessness

Features we should all possess

Rid this world of human strife

Love lends itself to longer life.

In this era of wanton waste

Tolerance is being displaced

It only takes a gentle touch

To me it doesn’t seem too much.

Jpoet7 ( )

Children creating change :

Why is it, I am not surprised

In this world so civilised

In neighbourhoods where no one knows

Who lives next door Comes or goes.

When politicians are so engrossed

Seeing who can boast the most

Regardless of the consequence

Public quickly losing confidence.

Now we may be on the brink

In rubber dinghies about to sink

Icebergs melting, seas of thunder

Can children create change.

I wonder.

Jpoet7 ( )

On St. Stephen’s morning.

Surrounded now by presents galore

I couldn’t eat a morsel more

The weighing scales has broken down

Seems I’ve gained one hundred pounds.

Slouched prostrate now upon the couch

A filling of turkey in my pouch

To move my body would not be wise

I dare not think of exercise.

Silence now no Ho! Ho! Ho’s!

Tired of watching old game shows

Will I do it again next year

The answer now is crystal clear.

Jpoet7 ( )

A moment spent in silent prayer

Today at noon Angelus bells

Sounds I remember well

Where work took time to contemplate

Clear my mind, concentrate.

Life is now so complicated

Religions appear to be outdated

It seems to me that we have lost.

Rolled the dice, count the cost.

Now it’s called mindfulness

Taking time to stop, distress.

While the answer lies simply there

A moment spent in silent prayer.

Jpoet7 ( )

At times I forget how lucky I am

At times I forget how lucky I am

With a special person on my arm

Full of love, kindness, charm

Who has that trait, a gentle touch

That in an instant says so much.

Finds goodness in every space

Comforts with a warm embrace

Makes all our troubles disappear

Brightens up the atmosphere.

Brings colour to the dullest day

Like rainbows in a sky of grey

From sunrise to moonbeam light

She keeps my heart beaming bright.

Jpoet7 (

Mindfulness at no expense

Trees trembling in an autumn breeze

Calmly puts my mind at ease

Simplicity softens, complexity melts

I’m immediately carried somewhere else.

To a land of vibrant shades

Winding waters, words invade

Pen to paper promptly placed

My imagination firmly laced.

Such is nature’s excellence

Mindfulness at no expense

Create for you a hideaway

Worries of the world allay.

Jpoet7 ( )