Earth Day

To hug a tree it’s nice to see
It’s rings with tales of history
Lover’s notes with penknife etched
beneath shady leaves outstretched
Feel the earth from which its roots
Energies from the soil to sooth
Wrap yourself in morning dew
It’s spirit to the mind imbue.
Jpoet7 ( )

Although you’ve lost a loved one

Although you’ve lost a loved one.

Passing by familiar places
On your shoulder feel their touch
A soft and tender presence
A love that meant so much.

Like a guardian angel
Always by your side
Still caring for you daily
Love can never be denied.

For life goes on without them
Your happiness is key
Looking on and caring
Forever they will be.

Jpoet7 ( )

I see you smiling in the clouds

I see you smiling in the clouds:

Passing by roses blooming
Memories of mother pruning
On her knees nature praying
All around her children playing.

Nestled-loved-happiness found
A family on common ground
Looking back on childhood days
Lost now in our modern ways.

Fewer trees in gardens grow
Where we climbed bough to bough
Skipping, laughing, running wild
As you watched over us and smiled.

Jpoet7 ( )

Lent is Spent

Lent is Spent.

My mind now races to Easter eggs
Champagne bottles, rolling kegs.
For forty days I’ve held my nerve
Stopped that barman as he began
To serve.
those creamy Guinness pints.

No says I I’m on a fast
as cocktail Sausages
in a basket passed
waiting for that Orange fill
for a whiskey chaser I would kill.

Someone then told me it’s forty six
more time to wait for that pick-a-mix.
With Bunny rabbit’s nose a twitching
My thoughts now switching to the kitchen.
Full fat fries, corks a popping
The fridge is empty I must go shopping.

Jpoet7 ( )

Nature’s magic

Nature’s magic
Hope Springs – winter’s passing
In a garden bud’s amassing
Crimson crocus-crescendo-noise
White tipped snowdrops quaintly poised.
Feathers flutter-mating calls
Love is in the rain that falls
Silent now from underground
Nature’s magic can be found.
In a world of deep discord
Sow a seed of sweet concord
Look into our souls to find
Leaving winds of war behind.
Jpoet7 ( )

Love-beating to a Different Drum

Love-beating to a Different Drum.

Teardrops slyly trickle down
A sign of joy not of frown
Into a world a newborn cry
Embrace this moment on a high.

Letters mingle-names appear
A beam of light-crystal clear
Love fills the air-ecstatically
Lives now changed-dramatically.

Tenderly we hold you near
Sparkling eyes-smiles appear
How beautiful this world’s become
While beating to a Different Drum.

Jpoet7 ( )

Creation worked it out.

Creation worked it out.

You may be gazing aimlessly
Into a darkened sky
When suddenly from nowhere
An angel passes by.

A shooting star moves swiftly
Changing sullen minds
Brightens up an outlook
A future for to find.

Taking just a moment
While all around you shout
Nature sent a message
Creation worked it out.

Jpoet7 ( )