Lost in the moment. A Western sunset.

Still silence sets on silken waters
Senses so sophisticated softened by brilliant radiant rays.
Reflecting golden glows glimmer.
Glistening light Silver slivers
rippling Into the darkness of the night.
Pleasant, pleasing, worries easing
Unwanted troubles waning wilting
Relaxing into the glory of a Western Sunset.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

Sunlight on a Daffodil gives me a thrill

Lawns dance gaily with yellow tipped daisies
Bright beaming buttercups blow
Overgrown meadows laying low
Daffodils, tulips bent in seeming adoration
Wafting waves weave tunefully through the air
Whipped wildly by sudden winter breeze.
And I am one with nature, free without a care.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

We’re all at one when underground

I wonder if you’ve reached an age
Where you open the obituary page
Nod your head and then you say
I must head down to church to pray.

Another friend had passed on by
Remember him, heave a sigh
For us all this time will come
Hear beating of the funeral drum.

For life it passes in a flash
No matter how much power or cash
Anonymous or well renowned
We’re all at one when underground.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

Sleep soundly in your bed tonight.

The world is now a safer place
We all can now a new day face
Where Donald did his enemies trump.
Theresa May have got the hump.
The DUP have shot their bolt
With Arlene sticking by her vote
Singing from the Paisley sheet
On Queen or country they’ll not be beat.
North Korea at last at peace
Nuclear threat will now decrease.
Russia China shaking hands
Thinking of their future plans.
India’s star is shining bright
By shooting down a satellite.
Filling Pakistan with fear
And the nation of Kashmir.
But we have United Nations
To neutralize the situation.
Negotiate a peaceful pact
Help East and West to interact.
Sleep soundly in your bed tonight
For the future has never been so bright.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

Lament the cry of the orca whale.

Let us all lament
a creaking timber sound
Echoes of the forest
now no longer found
Death knell of Blue oceans humble bumble bees
In the name of progress
And lumber industries.
Plastic, paints and toxins
Killing Orca whales
Pythons, lizards, Pangolins
Hunted for their scales
Melting of our glaciers
Due to global warming
Ignore this at your peril It may be our final warning.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

You are not alone

Feelings, moments, laughter, smiles
Comfort in our memory files
When searching for a quiet place
These emotions we embrace.

There are times we all feel low
Need someone, somewhere to go
Be it sickness, money worries
Do not hide, ignore or bury.

You may think that you’re alone
That those fears are all your own
There are friends who really care
And gladly will your burden share.

J.Poet7 ( @wordverse.me )