Kind words: a thought for today

Kind Words

Think not only of oneself

Keep your anger on the shelf

Thoughts uttered now in haste

Can only be with venom laced.

Instead why not take a breath

Let the ire within you set

Close your eyes, meditate

At times it’s best to stop and wait.

For kind words often softly spoken

Mend a heart so sadly broken

A gentle hand, a warm embrace

Can put a smile upon a face.

J. Poet 7 ( )

The Irish optimist

The Irish optimist

Children call. That music sound

Ice cream man is coming ‘round

Mr. whippy, ninety nines

Barbecues and deck chairs.

People thronged on beaches bronze

Stripped to the waist, skimpy thongs.

Sandcastles on Dollymount strand

Body beautiful, all over tanned.

Air condition traffic jam

Sandwich made, egg and ham

Packed with cans, suntan oil

Melting now in silver foil.

Make the best it won’t last

An Irish optimist forecast

Global warming now you know

Soon we’ll be knee deep in snow.

J.Poet 7 ( )