Love always

Love always

Love lies deep within my heart
No matter where you lay
Your presence comfort’s always
When life gets in the way.

Sometimes sadness grips me
Suddenly it’s there
Not knowing where it came from
For you are everywhere.

We often sat in silence
Embraced the soft sweet air
It’s alright now to cherish
Even though you are not there.

Jpoet7 ( )

Glory at this beauty made

Walk softly fear of fairies wake
A moment in their footsteps take
Silence in this lichen land
In wonderment of nature stand .

Lost a moment’s solitude
Scent an air of life imbued
A canopy of rustic shade
Glory at this beauty made.

A thousand years of history
Within a single tree
Let’s marvel at its chemistry
Walk on, let it be.

Lough Errit walk