Childhood memories

While standing in the cemetery ,I recalled how good life used to be ,

Without the Xbox and the wii ,

We would climb upon the chestnut tree ,

And collect large fresh eggs for the tea .


We’d run barefoot thro’ the meadow

Strolling, and laughing as we’d go.

Tilled fields in straight lines ready to sow.

Our small toes turning, the fat worms squirming

In the cold fresh clay of the brown furrow
There was always a sow and piglets

The turkey and its Christmas giblets

The cockerel crew in the morning 

The sign of a new day dawning

The cattle , the sheepdog barking

Swishing tails, large eyes blinking

From large horse flies biting, stinging

My Aunt so happy singing

To the cow that she was milking.
The butter made in the wooden churn

The dried turf ready on the Aga to burn

The new day filled with awe and wonder

A summer filled with joy and plunder.

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