•                    Summer planet
  • A summer full of sunshine Rays
  • Of clear blue skies and warm heat haze
  • Of days spent lounging by the pool
  • Of summer hols. Away from school
  • Of ice cream cones and buttered scones
  • Of swimming trunks and sun cream.
  • And then I see the great North Pole
  • A top of it a great big hole 
  • The Penguins and the polar bears
  • They are wondering now who really cares.
  • The icebergs melting moving fast
  • One wonders if the dye is cast
  • How long will our great planet last.
  • The factories and the man made places
  • Increase the effect of greenhouse gasses
  • The fossil fuels whose use abounds
  • Our ignorance of this astounds
  • If we don’t teach energy in our classes
  • The future of our world’s in crisis.
  • No more we’ll see the summer haze
  • A world of deserts no grass to graze 
  • Let’s rethink our strategy on how we live
  • And keep the world that God did give

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